At Jim Wall Automotive, we bring enormous value to Southern Highlands car owners with our logbook servicing.

New car owners would be well-advised to know more about the mysteries of the logbook. Let’s get straight to it. 

First off, there’s a bogus notion still floating around that the car dealership is where your logbook servicing must be done.

It’s an age-old rumour that your warranty is safe only when the dealer does the servicing. Don’t fall for it.

Australian consumer law, fortunately, came through for us motorists. How this came to be might possibly be because dealers were a bit too keen for your money. True or not, the fact is, you are now free to call the shots.

Your trusted mechanic can do your logbook servicing and, assuming he’s qualified, licensed and above board, he’ll know that it’s in his and your best interests to do the job properly. And by properly, we mean by the book—exactly as the vehicle manufacturer recommends.

This is how we do it at Jim Wall Automotive.

What Exactly Is A Logbook?

Your vehicle’s logbook specifies the manufacturer’s recommended service requirements. It lists the items needing attention and the frequency they’re to be checked.

Your logbook pages might indicate that they should be stamped by an ‘authorised dealer’. But the ACCC confirms that, even labelled in this way, your logbook can be stamped by an independent repairer without your warranty being affected, provided the servicing is done correctly and by qualified personnel.

Our mechanics in Mittagong are, of course, qualified to sign or stamp your car’s logbook. Your warranty is 100% safe with us.

What Is Your Logbook Good For?

It is your official record of the services performed on your vehicle. Anyone looking at it can see if the services were complete on time.

Timely services will extend the life of your car and maintain your warranty.

When the time comes for you to sell your vehicle, a nice clean logbook is a big plus. Prospective buyers will take confidence that they’re looking at a vehicle that has been properly cared for.

When it comes to the sale price, a healthy logbook generally means more dollars in your pocket.

Our Mittagong auto servicing centre is a standout for Southern Highlands car owners, when it comes to authorised logbook services.

We stick to the vehicle manufacturer’s service guidelines, as well as the industry regulations.

We use quality spare parts, as well as lubricants—only the best Penrite motor oils— that will meet or exceed your manufacturer’s requirements.

With Jim Wall Automotive, you can be sure that your vehicle gets the proper care.

Our experienced Mittagong mechanics are trained in all makes and models of new cars and technology. Using the latest diagnostic equipment, we can repair and service your vehicle without jeopardising your warranty or your resale value.