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Your mechanic in Mittagong, Jim Wall Automotive, is highly regarded for honest, reliable and efficient car repairs and servicing. You can see this from our customer reviews below on this page.

You get reliable car repairs and servicing with down-to-earth pricing when you bring your vehicle to our family owned and operated Southern Highlands auto workshop.

We provide reliable and affordable mechanical repairs and servicing, backed by more than 35 years' experience.

Servicing new and used vehicles, we offer a huge range of mechanical maintenance including:

Along with the answers below to some commonly asked questions, we also have an FAQ page. This can help when you're wondering what to do about your vehicle and how we can help.

We identify problems promptly using the latest in diagnostic scan tool technology. Fixing faults in your vehicle fast, with no time wasted, means lower labour charges for you. Our diagnostics give us an x-ray view which helps to make sure no hidden surprises (and costs) emerge.

Drivers from all over the Southern Highlands come to our authorised inspection centre in Mittagong for pink slips, blue slips, green slips, and gas slips.

Our policy at Jim Wall Automotive is to get you back on the road sooner, and always at the most affordable prices.
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Does my logbook service need to be done by the dealer?

No. Since 2010, when Australian consumer laws were revised, you have the right to choose who services your car.

The benefits of bringing your car to our Mittagong auto service centre include:

  • Keeping your warranty intact. We follow your car manufacturer's specifications.
  • No worries about parts. We source genuine parts quickly.
  • Penrite motor oils are used for superior performance.
  • Quick turnaround so your car is back in your hands sooner.
  • We do it all at better prices than your dealer can.

How often should I get an oil change?

The general rule is every 6 months or after 10,000 km, whichever comes first. This the recommendation of the oil manufacturers. Factors that will lead to your oil degrading at a faster rate, include heat generated when driving in stop-start traffic, at high speeds, and in hot conditions. Driving in dusty areas will also have an impact, as will not using the vehicle. Because of its superior performance in all conditions, we use Penrite motor oil at Jim Wall Automotive.

How long does a car battery last?

Most brand name car batteries will last around 4 years. If your battery gets much older than that, you can get caught out and find yourself unable to start the car. During a service, your battery is checked and load-tested. That's often what's needed to find out if your battery is holding up when you have no idea how old it is.

When should I rotate my tyres?

It's a good idea to rotate your tyres every 10,000 km. This helps with wear and tear, by sharing it among the 4 tyres and ensuring that your front tyres, which you rely on so much for cornering, have a good amount of tread. Each time your car is serviced, you should also have your wheel alignment checked. Properly aligned wheels will not suffer so badly from uneven wear.

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